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Updates regarding Dapo Abiodun’s theft of Allison Madueke 20million dollars cash

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If you remember a while ago we published information surrounding the incident connected with dissappearance of $20million from former Petroleum Minister Madam Diezani Madueke's personal vault and involvement of Dapo Balogun.Afterwards we received a cease and desist from his solicitors prompting us to pull down the article or we will be charged to court.We promptly pulled the story as we did not have firm sources but simply did a repost.

However recently we have come into more facts at our disposal and from firm sources not just confirming the veracity of the incident,but actually giving us an exegesis and updates regarding the whole issue.

To fully understand the background of the main protagonist Dapo Balogun known by the street name JOJO used to be one of the few chewing gum boys Madam Diezani Allison Madueke courted,others were Kola Aluko of Atlantic Oil and Gas presently being investigated for a number of scams perpetuated in the Petroleum industry with active connivance of the former Minister of Petroleum,and others we will be bringing details regarding.

Jojo or Dapo Balogun prior to this time was an average guy on the streets of Apapa but over time, smartly re-invented himself as an oil and gas player.His luck turned after a chance meeting with Mrs Diezani Madueke way back when they were living at Navy Barracks Apapa where they both formed and forged an enduring friendship.Our sources did not define the nature of the friendship,but suffice to say they were quite close.

In time Dapo Balogun or Jojo began travelling for oil and gas summits in Texas and other international forums,building a professional personae and profile,he became so Rich as opposed to wealthy that his spending became noticeable,eclipsing and overshadowing that of anyone around. He bought a mansion in Lekki phase 1 and even renovated it to taste(we will be publishing pics of the Mansion). But most instructively he became a champagne connoisseur  with eyewitness testifying to him routinely paying bills of over 5-10million just on Friday nights at posh Lagos Island clubs. He was a high roller,highly regarded at the top clubs on the island.

While his relationship with Dieziani flourished,his bank balance continued to benefit liberally,being close to her he invariably was a regular caller at her house,and in the process,became good friends with all her domestic staff and security details, always lavishing them with monetary gifts and presents.Dapo Abiodun due to his closeness with the former Minister just like her retinue of confidantes knew that the honourable minister keeps a lot of cash in her house,but probably didn’t bargain for the amount he was going to stumble on.

So like we had reported earlier in connivance with the Cook the former Minister's personal quarters were broken into,and the cook carted away over 20 million dollars in cash.He was given $3m by Dapo who appropriated remaining $17m for himself. Diezani Madueke who had been of town when the incident occured, came back and on realising she had been robbed brought in security services to investigate and cast some light on the mystery.

During investigating they realised that the cook,who by now have disappeared was not just involved in the robbery but linked him with Dapo Abiodun.Seeing as the cook had disappeared like we reported to Dubai via Dapo's help they could not aprehend him but Dapo Abiodun was easier to trace.

According to the information we got from those in the know,Dapo Abiodun's movements including his Bank accounts had been monitored and they noticed a consistent but sudden inflows of funds. They also realisedthat his account officer,working in connivance with some stock brokers and were buying up huge chunks of stocks and shares at the stock market. Once these facts were established by the investigators drafted in,the account officers and the stock broker were arrested including Dapo's close friends.

The one that shook the entire Lagos social establishment was when they arrested the husband of Lagos big girl and popular PR girl Bobby Taylor, Mr. Karibi Whyte – the son of Justice Karibi Whyte.The pressure of the arrest and and focus of state security personell on him forced Dapo Abiodun out,however contrary to a portion of our original reportage,we learnt from the new source that he was dealt with seriously and actually was forced to cough out all the proceeds of the heist before being let off the hook.

While this was going on,everything was kept hush hush in order not to raise uncomfortable questions as to where and how she got that kind of money and most importantly why she kept it at home.
In view of Dapo Abiodun's ordeal and in order to regain some credibility amongst his peers,he came up with his own edited version of the incident,According to him, he made away with the money and after he was arrested he got the services of two top lawyers notably SAN’s who stood in his defense and questioned where and how the minister got that much to even keep in her house. He said his two lawyers were ready to even blow up the case in the media but was prevailed upon by the security agents and Madam Diezani's people,hence was allowed to keep the proceeds.However our source who is a female and in the know regarding this incident has not only put a firm lie to this last assertion by Dapo abiodun she swore that most people in their social circuit know Dapo Abiodun's narration of events is a lie and have been sniggering behind his back.

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