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‘Spare The Child’ A different Perspective

spare the rod

One would want to admire the intelligence, bravery and extroverted nature of the younger generation and even go as far as wonder if theirs is a different era entirely or perhaps the creator simply upgraded His method and materials for creation. The older generation will ordinarily attribute this amazing and impressive characteristics to the 'Computer Age’, the commendable technological advancement witnessed across the globe today.

There have been arguments as to Whether the credits for this uniquely wonderful transformation be wholly ascribed to the advent of ICT, or to some other underlying factors which might have been ignored by parents of the older generation and carefully examined and adopted by the 'New Age' parents.

Sixty percent of persons will argue that technological advancement is wholly responsible for these cognitive and behavioral changes while the remaining forty percent will not completely rule out the fact and possibility of ICT influencing these new developments, but will also give credence to changes in the methods and styles of child-rearing due to exposure and discoveries made over the years.

Many questioned abound in this regard.  If the adults in this same era do not have equal access to technology and why even at that, these new cognitive characteristics are not equally exhibited by their contemporaries since the changes are attributed to 'Technological Advancement'.

In this write up, we'll be focusing on and making a few comparisons of children from different backgrounds and carefully address the positive and negative effects some methods of child rearing has on children and how it further influences their adulthood or even determine who/what they become in future.

 The phrase " Spoil the rod and spare the child " has become more of an adage than the scriptural edict that it actually is, a modified version of Proverbs 13:24 which is consciously and obliviously used by all religions not regarding its origin.

This very phrase/scripture which has made the future of some persons has at the same time marred that of others  owing to the misinterpretation and abuse if it.

  Often times we tend to wonder why some children and adults behave in some certain manners and may be quick to judge their environment which to some extent may be, but not largely responsible for the characters they exhibit. It must be acknowledged that our environments can influence who we are or turn out to be but as humans we have the strength to either shapen our environment or inadvertently allow for it to determine who we become.

Many parents in this part of the world will literally execute the scripture above in a bid to chastise an erring child or ward not considering the traumatic effect excessive scourging can have on a child. Many strongly hold onto the believe that a child who abhors hurting words will retrace his/her step and avoid a reoccurrence of such misdeed.

These reactions to 'erring ' children by parents/guardians have given rise to questions like

:• Does beating ( either moderate or excessive) really change a child?
• Is it appropriate to scold and use harsh languages on a child?
• At what age does a child outgrow the 'rod'
• what kind of words are appropriate for an erring child?
• What other corrective measures should be adopted to replace the 'rod' and destructive languages?

The writer Aderonke I A lives and works in Lagos,Nigeria and tweets from @sarauniya73 kindly direct all questions (and)or concerns or advice needed regarding the issues in the Article to her. 

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