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Repost:new invention uses pigs blood to stop suicide bombers


Franklin R. Lacy might be to stopping suicide bombings what Jonas Salk was to ending polio and the Wright brothers were to flight. You might think that moderate Muslims who decry such violence would be elated.

Instead, Muslims are attacking Lacy, because apparently the indignity of a suicide bomber being covered in pig blood is too much for them.

Lacy is a Tampa inventor who had traveled extensively in the Middle East and had knew how strongly Muslims felt about pig blood.

Having a eureka moment, Lacy created a “system for protecting against terrorist and illegal invasion” that would place a device clearly marked as containing pig blood in an area where a suicide bomber might be tempted to detonate a device.

”It will keep suicide bombers from blowing themselves up near the container of pig blood because they believe that they would be guaranteed not to go to heaven,” Lacy said.

Unlike Lacy’s other inventions — which include a beverage heater, a fudge warmer and a windshield — this one has created a bit of controversy.

Fiyaz Mughal, director of Faith Matters, said that the invention had “been created by someone who seeks to humiliate specific faiths.”

“The patent is particularly troubling if used against Jews or Muslims, because it would be deeply offensive and insulting to their faith and beliefs,” the director of the interfaith organization said (H/T Right Wing News).

Firstly, let’s dispense with the idea that suicide bombing attacks are evenly distributed among faiths. They are not. There isn’t even a sizable minority of Christian, Jewish, Hindu or atheist suicide bombers. Suicide bombing is pretty much exclusively a radical Muslim phenomenon.

Secondly, while it remains to be seen whether such a device would actually stop suicide bombings — I’m sure that those who have found a justification to send “martyrs” off to die with suicide belts can find a way to justify getting pigs blood on you in the course of murdering the kafir — decrying a pig blood-filled device because it might be “deeply offensive” to suicide bombers is insane.

If one doesn’t want to enter into an establishment that has such devices deployed, one doesn’t have to. However, let’s not decry it because Muslims or Jews might be “offended” by it.

And, after all, if it stops the violence it’s meant to stop, shouldn’t Muslims be happy?

Neither group should be offended by the pig blood. If they take offense, they should be offended instead by the violence that made such a device necessary.

Culled from:conservativetribune

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