Omokhore agrees plea deal with Government to refund $2billion proceeds of improper subsidy claims


It appears serial Philanderer and oil and gas big boy Otunba Jide Omokhore can heave a sigh of relief now as it appears his legal troubles are now behind him.According to information obtained regarding his legal woes,operatives investigating financial malfeasance under the previous Government traced $3Billion to Otunba Omokhore's seven Energy and subsidiaries, being proceeds of unremitted funds to NNPC and improper subidy claims,non delivery of crude.

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Otunba Omokhore who was also fronting for unnamed interests in the Government and oil industry after negotiations initially agreed to refund $1billion dollars to Government coffers,which was rejected until both parties agreed to him refunding $2billion both in cash and services.He was reportedly put on a strict repayment plan,in return for him not being prosecuted as long as he sticks to the terms of repayment,with the new developement the spectre of unease hanging over his head for a while now over posibility of being prosecuted has finally being removed and he can sleep with both eyes closed.

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In related news it is another cause for Otunba Jide Omokhore to celebrate,as he just secured a $52million credit facility to inject into his subsidiaries.According to his company sources this will shore up the company's strenght and allow them the opportunity of a free room to manuovre especially with the huge financial commitent he has made to Government in his repayment plan.

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