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My Experience as a Political aspirant in Last elections-Guber candidate Uche Chuta


In the 2nd part of our series detailing the varied and convoluted experiences of Political aspirants, representing the Youth demographics in last elections we bring you the detailed and insightful narration of Uche Chuta.Like the first interview we brought you Uche used to live abroad before moving down to Nigeria and throwing his hat in the ring to contest for the post of Governor of Abia State after winning his party primaries by an overwhelming majority.

He details his experiences and a number of issues based on his perspective in this short but concise interview we have replicated in full after the cut….

Question:As one of the few  Political aspirants representing the Nigerian youth Demographic in the last elections,what would you say was your most enduring positive and the most daunting challenge you faced?narrate the experience from your own perspective

Uche:The process of undergoing primaries, campaigning and then elections wasn't just what I read or watched via the media but actually practiced. It was a surreal experience. I met a lot of people I will never have normally met. Almost every person I met represents a story. These stories will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Question:Tapping from the benefit of hindsight what would you do differently from this election to future campaigns?

Uche: Elections in Nigeria are dynamic so there isn't a magic formula which I've suddenly discovered that will work in future campaigns. In fact, I will say whatever  I did in the past election should be replicated in the future as my campaign was one based on ideals of zero godfatherism and not using money to induce voters. Should I now throw away these values all for the sake of me wanting to win an election in the future? I don't think so because my wanting to get elected is for service to the people and not self aggrandizement. This in essence means I will not do "anything" all because I want to win an election. 

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Question:How did you relate with the much older contestants and was there any incident that stood out i.e. threats,violence etc

Uche:There was mutual respect between the older contestants and myself. They all understood that it wasn't easy to foray in the Abia political waters let alone aspire for the highest office of the land whilst presenting a detailed road-map of what I intended to do. 

Question:What did you learn from the whole experience,and what advice would you give Nigerian youths looking to throw their hats in the ring in next elections.

Uche: I learned that our institutions such as the army, police and INEC need to be further strengthened in order to ensure that our political processes are not thwarted. There is also great apathy towards the elections process by people which I don't see ending anytime soon if efforts are not taken to address it. I will advise Nigerian youths to simply "just do it" like the Nike slogan.

Question:What would you say are the challenges being faced by aspirants in the demographic you represent

The major challenge for young people in politics is finance. There's another challenge albeit controversial but it is what is and it is "US" with "US" meaning young people. We don't do enough to support one another due to a variety of reasons.

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