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Monday Encounter With Madam Lisa…Part 2

pic Chronicles of African Nubian

At this point Osayu was all mixed up the mental exertion of not knowing if she was putting on an act doing it all on purpose teasing him or simply innocent gestures, as he reasoned the CNN rolling news in a blur his heartbeats came in hard and fast dick straining hard against his wet clothes.

She finally found the newspaper she was looking for and turned round to show him a triumphant look of victory on her face, while he quickly re adjusted smiling.Osayu raised his hands up in mock surrender capitulating to her conceding that round. While they were chatting like old friends now he was holding the coffee mug with one hand while reading the portion of the newspaper she had given him spread on the small coffee table in front.

They continued in the animated but good natured debate and as Osayu made to turn the paper distracted, spilled some coffee on his laps and the edge of the sofa, he quickly got up

Madam I am very sorry, please give me a cloth to clean the mess madam….  

Picture of concern written upon her furrowed face she asked if I was not scalded by the hot coffee which I replied in the affirmative. She handed him a cloth which he  quickly used to wipe off the spilt
coffee on the sofa .Too late Osayu noticed with horror and embarrassing shame that he was still sporting the stubborn turgid  hard on the prominent bulge obviously resplendent  made more so due to the wet trouser sticking to his body clearly accentuating the shape of his well-endowed “Equipment” he tried to shield the sight from her but as he raised his head to give her back the cloth He caught her eye fixated on the accentuated  bulge,  she quickly looked away embarrassed as he caught her eye quickly busying herself on the other side of the office putting some folders and files away.

After a while Madam excused herself acting a bit flustered bare foot she went into another room which i presume was her office emerging few minutes later with a bunch of Vcd's clutched in her hands which she placed on the coffee table.

As she settled back on the chair eyes twinkling mischievously she looked at him asking…….Are you single or in a relationship?

Flustered and embarrassed at the odd question he floundered in embarrassment for the umpteenth time …..Erm..madam…I erm well I was in a relationship with a girl called Aisha but we broke up a couple of months ago..for now my focus is getting a good job ma not even women..

She laughed lightly and in same teasing tone remarked again

That's what you Nigerian guys say you will change when the money comes..

Suddenly realising the mortal danger he was in with the sublime flirt fest he was entangled in, an uncharacteristic boldness probably borne out of the fun, flirty and laid back atmosphere pushed him to ask

Madam I hope Oga won't mind if he finds me in your office?

Are you scared, are you not a man? She aske ..as she burst out laughing

Perhaps to spare him she ceased laughing and told him about her domestic situation, husband a pilot with aero contractor he was seldom away for weeks at a time. She lived in an estate in Adeniyi Jones with her two children, a female help and her junior brother who was serving in Lagos at one of the local governments.

But madam how do you cope with the commitments.. He asked her truly impressed

 She shrugged noncommittal and said she was used to it besides she has her business/career never mind family to keep her occupied.

All of a sudden she picked up one of the remote controls on the table and pressed a button a section of the small egg shaped stereo in the corner slid opened and she inserted one of the vcd pressing another button and it burst to live. She leaped up and started dancing seductively a total change from the composed lady of a few seconds ago.

At a loss how to react Osayu just kept smiling sheepishly, he looked a proper fool grinning but after a while thankfully she sat back down breathless and asked if he took alcohol and he nodded with an accompanying….  yes madam. She retrieved a small bottle of Brandy and two cups from an hidden recess near the file cabinet handing one of the cups to him, as she did their hands brushed against each other, it seemed like an electric current as they both quickly pulled away but not before his dick nodded in acknowledgement.

His hard on was straining against the trousers by this time at the continued imprisonment but still held it in check with his laps pressed together, the cap pressing against the fabric and iron zipper was already hurting without mercy. His mood  not helped by the rain that was still rushing down in torrents the air conditioning in the office inducing goose bumps but he didn't want to embarrass myself by asking her to reduce the air conditioning besides madam was  clearly not showing any indication of being cold herself.

He took a grateful sip of the brandy and as the warmth spread all over his body goose pimples began disappearing, he even began to feel a bit light headed, the madam who has still not divulged her name till now an hour plus in her office started to tease him with some mischievous questions, their chats started getting naughtier as Osayu nursed a sinking feeling wondering what he was getting myself into and where this will end.

Tell me the wildest place you have ever had sex? Madam asked him her face trained attentively now still that persistent picture of mischief

Truthfully he don't even know what to do starring at her like a deer caught in car headlights…

Ha madam….he said still stammering….

She coaxed him encouragingly. You are a big boy now don't be shy.. she said smiling

Maybe it was the shots of brandy working because he not a really big drinker to be honest, but je started sharing with her some of his wildest sexual escapade with Aisha his ex-girl the mind blowing sex on the staircase, youth service sexual adventures on the parade field in Jigawa.

A small bowl of fruits adorned the top of her fridge, and as they continued their flirtatious banter in between the chats she picked an orange from the fruit bowl peeling it as they talked, she sat back down on the sofa and crossing her legs eyes literally smouldering, dripping with the raw naked erotic emotion she slightly raised her eyebrow in a low voice looking at him

Would you like to suck “my oranges?”

He didn’t catch the drift at first, all of a sudden it clicked as he replied

 I would love to suck your oranges..

Only God know where the boldness came from he reasoned much later while dwelling on the sequence of events as it played out.

Before he knew it she was standing before him.

Standing over but not quite touching him blocking the tv he sat there perplexed, nervous even scared as she peeled her jacket off and flung it on the coffee table to reveal a short sleeve shirt the tip of a black lace bra peeking from the undone top two buttons, all this time she was still looking at him smiling in the most seductive way ever.

It probably had more to do with shaking off the lethargic hypnotism she had cast upon him coupled with the boldness infused by his unaccustomed drinking, drained the rest of the brandy in his cup and still fixated upon her now slowly unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a glowing and spotless skin, for a mother and middle aged lady she had one of the tightest abs, he leaned forward and held her hands slowly lowering her on the long sofa next to where he was sitting..

As if in slow motion he lowered his mouth over hers, moist quivering lips rose up to meet melting as he hungrily sucked and explored, he took the lead kissing her soft and warm lips slowly, light probing kisses tentative and exploring as she impatiently darted her tongue out to encircle and coil around his. He started kissing now with equal urgency the taste of brandy on her tongue, now on a rhythm he pulled back a little kissing her cheeks and in a deliberate and predictable journey travelling down her neck placing soft tentative bites, sucking her neck and chin area on his erotic exploration as she writhed and twisted slowly in his arms digging her nails deep in his skin.

He pushed his turgid manhood into her groin rubbing it hard against her while sort of dry humping they continued kissing  as she moaned in response to each probing action, she urgently pulled at his left hand placing it on one of the ample boobs he had been admiring earlier, not content with the inconvenience of reaching for her boobs still encased in the tight bra he reached behind using his thumb and fore finger in the time tested two fingers method most men understand to undo the bra fastenings, as the fastening sprang undone the breast relieved of the constrictive pressure leaped forward in freedom. As she got out of the lacy bra discarding it to join the shirt on the floor he was confronted by the most appealing pair of boobs he has ever laid his eyes upon adorned by any woman even younger, her paw-paw fruit shaped boobs came with slightly darkened nipples which even seemed to create a soft and sensual allure attached. Even as he watched her laying there underneath feeling the ample although not huge size of her boobs he was still in shock and surprise how  firm they looked for a middle aged woman with kids at least one grown up. He mentally surmised that she might have had a boob job or just naturally gifted as he slowly rubbed his thumb and fore finger lightly on her right nipple still kissing, he continued fiddling with her nipple first the right then the left simultaneously, she moaned louder now holding me tighter her legs now wound tightly round him.

He paused to gently plant soft but telling kisses first slowly snaking down the neck and brow ,occasionally going up to the lips, as she grinded against him moaning softly she inserted her fore finger into his ear the tingling sensation doing inexplicable stuffs to his nervous system although he was not complaining.

She whispered in a voice hoarse with erotic aunction though laden with some sort of urgency "suck my boobs…." Acceding to her command he began sucking each licking and gently nibbling each nipple encouraged by her writhing and moans he intensified his efforts to a louder and sustained moaning. She suddenly thrust her hips upwards still kissing him passionately and unfastened the clasp of her skirt urgently pulling it down and flicking it on the floor with her free leg.

The sight of the fresh and unblemished laps which seemed to be glowing even under the accentuated light in the reception seemed to drive him wild. He didn't wait for her to pull the panties down before inserting his middle finger into her vagina pushing the panty line to the side navigating through the dripping wetness of her clean shaven pussy, exploring the soft uncharted contours of that Bermuda triangle. Fingers  probing and prodding , Her immediate response was swift as she thrust into his  finger probing and delving as deep as he could fingers slightly curved into the clitoris, her response to the erotic navigation determined she was enjoying it panting and holding him tighter while grinding into his hands in a rhythm now  muttering sweet nothings.

He continued probing and stroking her clitoris, as she slightly arched her back upwards, moaning in ecstasy. She was dripping wet by now as the moisture ran through his fingers he started kissing and sucking the exposed nipples again. Unable to hold her now she roughly unbuckled his belt and unzipped him, encountering his boxers underneath she inserted her hands in and pulled out his throbbing dick which literally leaped out glad to be let out of the confined space.

Osayu’s trousers still half undone they continued kissing urgent, faster now his thumb massaging the point at the top of her pussy while middle finger was still surging in and out, going faster now as he perceived she was on the verge of climax. He inserted another finger bending it a bit slightly towards the direction of the anus, little trick learnt from a friend to great success, predictably she moaned sort of wailed actually softly thrusting and jerking and half shivering dug her nails into him and finally climaxed as she moaned an octave or two higher her cum juice dripping all over his fingers and hands. She was more spent and exerted for obvious reasons as he finally had room to pull his trousers and boxers down not minding the stain of her ejaculation on his good trousers.

He quickly pushed the coffee table to the side to create more room and reached down to continue kissing her again now intent on relieving the turgid manhood. They were both stark naked now after he discarded his shirt to join the heap of clothes strewn all over the floor. She encircled her arms round his neck pulling him down as she laid on her back and they continued kissing, he resumed the soft tentative kisses not minding the soft sheen of sweat masking her sculptured and voluptuous sexiness, traced kissed down her neck down to her exposed tummy, he now noticed a tiny tattoo but had no time to dwell on that now, she was muttering and talking dirty by now as he reached down to kiss her navel area.

Buoyed on by her encouraging body movements he began to go lower slowly but deliberately sucking and nibbling every square inch of her frontage, until he reached the lower groin area and kissing the exposed mound of her clean shaven pussy.He perceived a faint musky scent of cocoa butter and a perfume he could not place the scent, even with the glistening juice of her ejaculation hanging in the air she smelled clean.

Finally a chance to display unprecedented prowess and speciality, her slightly curved legs wide open he delved inwards but took his time to kiss and probe around her pussy,licking off her cum as she went wild with excitement in a few seconds she couldn't take it any longer and pushed his head downwards  further shaking and shivering at the same time…after licking her clean, he started to dart his tongue shaft around her exposed pussy  sucking and licking encouraged by her soft continuous moans until he finally darted his tongue shaft down the narrow cavity of her pussy.

Although she was shaking and moaning really loud he was not worried about the security hearing them because the rain was coming down hard with intermittent thunder claps which was strangely comforting probably because of the security and privacy the enclosed office afforded them.

He continued sucking and darting his tongue down her as far as he could go using his fingers to help, licking it up and down stroking the friction between the coarse surface of his tongue against that of the patterned and rough pussy cavity. she urged him on thrusting her hips in his face, she moaned loudly bucking and twisting to her moans emitting increasing octaves until she finally squeezed both legs round his face then freezing taut making same noise as earlier, she climaxed  shuddered and went limp her juice squirting all over his face.

He raised his head as she inclined her’s for a kiss then she started to lick her ejaculation off his face still kissing him all over. They continued kissing as Osayu reached for his trousers and pulled out his wallet, retrieving the spare condom always kept inside all in one fluid motion, he tore the wrapper off and rolled it on his dick which was rock hard the skin stretched taut over the cap straining.


He pushed her back gently on the plush rug and lifted one of her slim legs on his shoulder, positioning himself to thrust into her, as he motioned to start she pushed on his chest stopping him and asked if he had protection, looking down at his erect manhood the surprise was obvious on her face, as she didn't notice him pulling the condom out of his wallet never mind wearing it.

Aided by the wetness of her ejaculation he slid the full length of his seven inches plus into her as she made a slightly audible gasp when he pushed in, her pussy swallowed and also embraced his dick as he savoured the indescribable sensation. He held still remaining motionless, before slowly pulling out and thrusting slowly at first using his left middle fingers to tease the underside of her pussy.

 As he went faster she started moaning…………..OHHHH BABE PLS GO FASTER..FASTER ..her legs hanging about his shoulders as she thrust and jerked to the rhythmic movements with him, both breathless rivulets of sweat mingling with the funny scent of semen hanging thick in the room, his waist killing him but he soldiered on until she climaxed again, gasping she grabbed his butt cheeks nails digging in as she met his thrust grinding hard against him making a mixture of noises.

 He didn't cum straight after a side effect of alcohol coursing through his system but he continued pounding away rough and fast her back to the long sofa as he slammed in as hard and deep as he could manage, after what seemed like ages he finally felt the tingling sensation of impending climax as he moved faster light headed bare knees on the rug hurting, his whole body in pains from earlier exertion until  yet not relenting  in his speed intent upon this elusive prize, finally he now felt myself burst forth in ecstasy, thrusting deep inside her spent tired  then finally collapsing on top of her inert form heaving with the exertion trying to catch his breath. She held him tight as she kissed his ears sucking and nibbling them, finally they disentangled and both sat down naked on the sofa to catch their breath….Wow that was the most mindblowing sex I have had in ages..she continued looking at Osayu and then continued even without being asked…. My husband was never interested in sex  always tired out after flying planes all over without proper rest,weeks sometimes months away from home….i  was pushed to do this because we both had a big row just the day before making him leave for another flight a day earlier….as if to confirm Osayu’s suspicious earlier she concluded….The sight of your dick accentuated against the wet clinging trousers must have touched a nerve in me because I knew I must have a piece of that inside me and I was not disappointed.

It was already getting dark outside and he was already mentally considering how to connect to Alakuko the hinterlands of lagos where he lived from Allen Avenue, but she started playing with his dick again his hard on temporarily consigning that thought of getting home to the back of his mind occupied with the immediate dilemma he was facing now. She lowered her mouth and enclosed the length and circumference of it in her mouth, first using the tip of her tongue to lubricate as she licked and teased the cap of his dick using the tip of her tongues to gently stab the small opening at the tip , then enclosed all of his manhood in her mouth deep throating moving her mouth up and down slowly. If going down on a lady was Osayu’s specialty that madam is an A plus in giving head, he was experiencing all sorts of different and convoluted sensations as she worked on his dick.


Responding to his obvious erotic high, she continued licking and sucking with more gusto and enthusiasm , then started using her tongue to stab and lick every part , then went slightly downwards enclosing the ball sac in her mouth Kai that feeling and sensation was out of this world, he was reeling clearly out of his mind by this time, she must have sensed he was on the verge of bursting because she slowed down and gently bit the dick Which seemed to push back the sensation like magic Osayu thought the woman was a Dr or had worked in that sector at some point considering her knowledge of anatomy and biology,

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