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Warning explicit erotic content!!! Monday Encounter With Madam Lisa

pic Chronicles of African Nubian

Osayu felt the light drops of rain upon his head as soon as he alighted from the bus near Allen avenue roundabout, he walked past the frontage of Alade market ignoring the Hausa money changers standing in a loose and disorderly huddle calling out in whistles and cat calls. it was especially irritating seeing the bundles of cash they waved enticingly in your face, here he was wondering how he was going to manage to eat and transport himself back home on the 500naira left with him yet confronted with bundles of big denomination Naira notes being thrust in my face. He brushed them off with a frown and hand gesture as he hurried towards the venue of yet another interview praying silently for a positive outcome this time around.

The rain got increasingly heavier though still bearable to forestall getting caught up in the rain  he started jogging but it caught up with him as it started pouring down in torrents all of a sudden giving him little chance to find adequate shelter, already wet he  looked about and thankfully found some shelter just ahead as he hurriedly rushed under the small canopy attached to the front of an office building set back a bit from the main road, he looked at the  carefully ironed and starched shirt now a soggy mess the dirt clinging to his  trousers and good black loafers clothes stuck to his body water dripping. He angrily stamped his feet partly in anger and frustration and also to shake off the wet sand clinging to his trousers wondering how he was going to manage to present a professional outlook to the Hr people he was having the interview with, a sound startled  Osayu out of his reverie.  He looked up and  beheld a  uniformed security guard emerging from the security post within the confines of the main compound, the man seemed visibly agitated going by the wild waving of his right hand  the other hand holding an umbrella with a company insignia prominently displayed over his bald head.

Oga wetin you dey do dia? Abeg enter road dey waka your own..

Osayu tried appealing to his more human nature, in a conciliatory tone….cool down now you no see as rain dey fall?

With a stubborn side to side shake of his head as though accentuating his determination…

Nothing consain me oga,comot  fo hia dey waka go your destiny oga no wan see anybody for hia..

He did not pay him any heed, adamant on him getting back in the rain his protestations and entreaties falling on deaf ears.


As he didn't seemed to budge already advancing towards Osayu the ugly scowl never leaving his misshapen face, he didn't fancy his chances with the muscle bound rent-a-cop hence prepared to get in the still heavy rain carefully wrapping his credentials  and preparing to tuck it under the  soaked shirt.

As he was steeling myself  to delve back in the rain a middle aged well-dressed  lady emerged from the  inner confines of the office  same direction the uniformed Mai guard had emerged from and called the security guard  from afar while motioning at Osayu to come over.

She must be the Oga he was referring to the way he sprinted towards her  osayu thought, she also had an umbrella with same company insignia. He mentally shrugged and followed him to heed the woman's summons. He had nothing to lose anyway as he was already wet all the way through so any interview was out of the question today the worst this madam could do was  to ask him to go his way which he will gladly do he reasoned. With that default fright and timidity that afflicts poor people in the presence of the rich, he moved closer to her overwhelmed with fear and anxiety perhaps more accentuated because he was shivering from the wet clothes serving as a conductor of serious cold knackering at his bones. What wouldn't i do now for a hot cup of tea or even satchet Chelsea gin he thought to himself.

As he reached the woman  who was still calmly listening as the Gate man was gesticulating I suppose outlining the crime Osatu had committed which he still didn't have any idea of he quickly responded.,..

Madam I was on my way to an interview just down the road and was sheltering myself from the rain.. As he explained retrieved his documents from underneath his shirt and showed her.

She waved it away while reprimanding the security guard, she told him off  and as she did Osayu tried muffling the satisfied smile of triumph tugging at the corner of mouth even as he stood in the rain shivering with cold.

Please come through here young man, don’t mind him he is just being overzealous

 The madam said to him reassuringly…

She shielded him with her umbrella shepherding him through the gate into the inner confines of the compact but really neat and flower adorned compound towards a main entrance with luminous sliding doors. They finally got there underneath a black awning also adorned with same insignia on the umbrella in yellow, as she slid the glass doors open a blast of cold air hit him in the face as he shuddered involuntarily she motioned him in but mindful of his soggy clothes and black loafers now sodden with water

Madam my clothes are still wet I don't want to soak your rug….

She waved his protestations away for the second time that day…..

Pls come inside can't you see you are in no condition to stand in the rain?

Thankfully he stepped into the plush office instinctively telling of his poverty stricken mind set he removed the soggy loafers and wet socks putting them near the door then followed the madam as she led the way inside.

Looking back now it's funny he would even venture into a stranger's inner sanctum in this Lagos where rich people are desperate, money ritualist prowling around looking for whom to use as their next sacrifice.

She motioned him to a plush wine coloured sofa in a corner of the office facing the TV clicking the small lock on the door shut, and settled down on a seat opposite him. The Tv was already on CNN scrolling foreign news, mindful of the wet clothes sticking to his body he sat on the edge of the expensive looking chair trying his best not to stain her leather sofa.

She explained she just packed into the office building as it has just been renovated, then paused inclining her head to the side asked inquiringly

Why did you leave home without an umbrella anyway?  in a good natured manner a smile playing on her lips…

You men sef, after you will say you are more intelligent than women she finished teasingly..

How was he to respond to a big woman, total stranger teasing him? Confused he smiled shyly looking downwards at the tips of his feet

Ah no madam I was hurrying to meet up the appointment as I overslept yesterday..

To puncture the awkward silence he remarked on the beauty of the interior decoration.

Madam your office is really beautiful, you have done a great job

Thank you my dear but it's not me o I used an interior designer and my daughter

 That innocuous remark seemed to have broken the ice as they started chatting flitting from one random topic to the other, he reasoned that a lady alone in the office with a strange guy might be uneasy so was cordial and open about himself to assure her he did not have nebulous intentions.

During the course of their conversation it was a pleasant coincidence to realise they both attended University of Ibadan and even same course although she had graduated and served quite a number of years before him. While talking about herself she informed him that she had since veered off into advertising and brand consultancy which was quite lucrative for her judging by the reception area and the car parked outside he thought.


She must have noticed him shivering as she remarked….

Where are my manners, let me entertain my fellow ui alumni…to which he replied shyly

Ah madam….. Whatever that meant

Would you like some coffee?  To which he gratefully accepted, already feeling the cold due to the slightly damp clothes from the rain, it also seemed as if the rain enunciated and cranked up the state of hunger, his deflated stomach rumbling and growling for food.

She went over to a small fridge in the corner and brought a plate covered with tin foil which she removed to reveal rows of assorted small chops as she presented them to him, he mentally thanked God for this unexpected boon. But “make person no go yeye himself” he picked one and nibbled at it delicately as they continued chatting but quickly wolfing it down and picking another one when the madam was not looking.

As she finished making the coffee and bent over slightly to give him a steaming mug he couldn't help but steal a quick glance at the exposed cleavage and her ample boobs peeking out of the undone button of patterned blue shirt she had on under her suit, he quickly averted his gaze before the devil made use of his faculties and he overstayed his welcome but try as he might he could not erase the image of the fresh and succulent looking mound he had briefly sighted.

She sat back down while they continued chatting now about Nigerian politics and the recent strikes in Lagos, this led to an argument about some Government policies. As they continued in the spirited debate madam got up to get an old newspaper to illustrate a point she was making .she turned her back to get the paper from a magazine rack on the shelf in the corner of the reception area we were seated, bent down to sort through the stacks looking for the one she wanted, the devil already setting  in motion the mischievous designs he was sending Osayu on drew his eyes to the outline of her  full voluptuous hips just the way he like them accentuated through the tight pant suit she was wearing.

He could see the top of her black panties a small pink bow ribbon peeking over the skirt band, he liked what he saw unfortunately for him his brain received the signal and the rush of blood to his groin area giving him an involuntary hard on which her hurriedly closed his legs to conceal. Praying the rush of blood will return to normal before madam could notice. At this point he was all mixed up the mental exertion of not knowing if she was putting on an act doing it all on purpose teasing him or simply innocent gestures, as he reasoned the CNN rolling news in a blur his heartbeats came in hard and fast dick straining hard against his wet clothes.

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