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Meet Nigerian international and Ms Ashdod Fc,Israel defender Juwon Oshaniwa

juwon o

The Hibe online guest that will be featuring in our exclusive is both a young Nigerian and has also accomplished a lot in the sporting world,but specifically in football.This young Nigerian player's laid back humility belies his wondrous achievements and even his unboundless potentials, which many international football clubs saw in him hence the reason for where he presently plies his trade.English clubs like Celtic,Hull,Cardiff amongst others just a few months ago were jostling to have him in their team showing his professional worth.In this interview with Hibe Online,he talks about himself,his family and career including his hopes and aspiration and his perspectives on a wide range of issues.Please read after this cut…

Hibe: hi there much obliged to you for granting us this interview considering what your schedule must be like what have you been up to last couple of days?

JuwonO: I have been working, doing what I know how to do best which is football.

 Hibe: kindly introduce yourself and what you do, your present football club to readers

JuwonO:  I am Juwon Oshaniwa, Super Eagles and MS Ashdod of Israel defender
Hibe: what was your childhood like?

JuwonO:  my childhood has not been easy though, a lot of challenges but to God be the glory for bringing me to where I am today.

Hibe: tell us about your parents, siblings

JuwonO: I am from a home that consists of six people, my mum and dad my big sister, big brother and then the immediate one before me followed by me the baby of the house.

Hibe: who or what motivated you to be a Professional footballer

JuwonO:    I want to believe my greatest motivation is God, all the way because he is the depositor of talent and for every talent there is a purpose for it, actually my parents wanted me their baby to be an educationalist but man proposes while GOD disposes. 

Hibe: what was the journey like from the beginning and how did you get the breakthrough?

JuwonO:  I discovered this talent in me and despite the discouragement, pressure etc. I kept focused pressing on with determination until my goal was met.

Hibe: one thing that struck me with you which many others I have met have also highlighted which one seldom finds amongst public figures  is your humility and how laid back you are what informs this your religion,personality,parental influence?

JuwonO: in life irrespective of your status or personality and so on, humility is very much important because it goes a long way in one’s life, concerning my parental and religious influence on me Bro God first in whatsoever one does in life and this I am aware of. My Parents who I refer to as my mini gods and are the reason for me being on planet earth are also a big influence in my behaviour and way of life.

Hibe: Considering a sport person’s career is really short, over by the time they are in their mid to late 30s, what plans have you got in place and what do you hope to do afterwards?

 JuwonO:   There is a lot more to do after football bro,but God is my director  

Hibe (if you have other businesses or ventures) what are the challenges juggling both career and entrepreneur/business simultaneously?

JuwonO:A single person cannot stand in two I believe bro, so sure I have someone in charge of my business and non-football aspects.

Hibe: so far what has been the high point of your career and the low point?

JuwonO: The low point I will say are the frustrations and discouragements while my career was coming up  and the high point was seeing myself playing in the biggest fiesta of football in the world and many more good things ahead.

Hibe: what has the experience been like working and living in Israel have you had any negative experiences?

JuwonO:  sure in life even as u have got the positive so have you the negative moments but with GOD on my side I have been moving ahead.

Hibe: considering almost every professional footballer have a preference for countries and teams they would like to eventually play for which is yours?

JuwonO: like I said earlier every living creature needs to set a goal, a target ahead and this is what is involved in a professional footballer’s life as well, more so football is all about movement  too so I still strive harder for  greener pastures, so basically bigger clubs in Europe.

Hibe: what would you say has been the greatest challenge you have ever been confronted with in life?

JuwonO:  I will say the greatest challenge was while I was still playing in Nigeria Lobi star of Makurdi, I was knocked down with a serious injury that kept me out for a whole season.      

Hibe: what misconception do you get most about yourself, your family that you find hard or frustrating?

JuwonO:  for me I don’t pay attention to other’s opinions, its God I have surrendered everything to, for him to take the wheel when it comes to issues of these sorts. I know nothing about these set of people though.

Hibe: I have always been scared of flying in planes the turbulence and all in fact I tend to get drunk and sleep off. Failure and poverty is also big fear. What are your fears in life?

JuwonO:   Actually same too, I have got a phobia for flying too failure and poverty but what can one do? i have to  travel and get my daily bread, that’s  why I  am a professional  footballer though.

Hibe: if you were not in this career what would you have loved to do?

JuwonO:   Only GOD knows this actually, but guess I would have been an agriculturist

Hibe: what would you say is the most enduring advice you have ever gotten and from who?

JuwonO:  I will say the most enduring advice have gotten was the one given to me by a senior man in same profession when I was still struggling, Ali Mohamed,yap sure I can't ever  forget   “ever relent ,keep working hard as you never can tell who is watching you”  and bro I must confess to you these words manifested in my life as it is what happened in my journey as a Professional footballer.

Hibe: have you ever had a situation where you considered giving up on this footballing career?

JuwonO:   yap when I got the injury mentioned earlier, but to God be the glory, these days I am moving forward and being celebrated in the game. 

Hibe: which of the other players are you close to and regularly get in touch with either your set or senior ex-players?

JuwonO:  My teammates in the National team Efe Ambrose, Ahmed Musa, my friends in former clubs before I left on my journey abroad

Hibe: if you had to choose a footballer of any era who would you say you model your career after?

JuwonO:  sure it's gonna be Roberto Carlos

Hibe: Considering you professional footballers are known for cars, jewelries, champagne lifestyle I was surprised none of those are displayed on your Instagram are you an Ijebu man?

JuwonO:  Hahahaha but i want to believe there are individual differences ,and I  am a kind of being who doesn’t  don't do things out of influence, so really i am just being myself all the way. I do my things my own way.

Hibe: if I don’t ask you this question many single ladies especially Nigerians will fight me,are you single or in a relationship? If you are in a relationship who is she and can you tell us a bit about her?

JuwonO: single though but not searching at all, am hooked up and wen the time comes to make it formal you guys are gonna know.

Hibe: your favourite holiday spot in the world

JuwonO:   Always like to spend it in Naija  with my immediate  family 

Hibe: your favourite food both African and continental?

JuwonO: African has to be Amala and Egusi soup with orisirisi assorted inside, continental is spaghetti salad and prime steak

Hibe: Favourite Nigerian artiste, African and general and songs at the moment?

JuwonO:   Honestly am in love with Naija artistes, here let me be sentimental, I choose Jaywon.

Hibe: generally speaking what does the future hold?

JuwonO: I am a positive being in life, certainly the future holds great  promises ahead by his grace.

Hibe: advice to Nigerian youths especially aspiring footballers reading this interview?

JuwonO: My advice to them is that they should never let anyone discourage them or make them feel as if they can never attain the top in this profession, in as much as they are focused and determined and keep pressing on before they know it they are there already irrespective of their background. And first and the most important thing is God first.




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