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Meet : Captain Bawa Daniel Salka

capn salwa

In the continuous series we are running with a focus on Present generation of Nigerian youths,especially those who have been able to buck the trends,set themselves apart with their achievements and breaking down barriers,we bring you an intelligent laid back and erudite professional Pilot and businessman.Captain Salka is not just accomplished in his professional career,he is also a very sucessful entrepreneur all by dint of unwavering determination,hard work, having a very capable team behind and a business partner beside him.He is one the Dangotes and Isyaku Rabius need to watch out for at the speed he is going.in this insightful and enlightening interview,he lets us into his world and his views on a wide range of topics from his personal life,to business and to his day job.

Please enjoy the interview conducted by Hibe Online Editorial….

HibeOnline: hello there much obliged to you for granting us this interview what has the last few days been like for you both domestic and work wise?

 Captn Bawa: well it has been hectic but we are coping..

HibeOnline: kindly introduce yourself and what you do to readers

Capn Bawa: my name is Bawa Daniel Salka I am a graduate in international business from Glasgow University Scotland, I am a business man and a pilot.

HibeOnline: When we interviewed Jamil, asking if his dad the former Inspector General influenced his choice of occupation as an airline Pilot he stated that it has always been a desire, who influenced your career choice or what actually influenced you?

Captn Bawa: My love for travelling, taking risks, adventure, etc

HibeOnline: We want to get a sense of where you are coming from so tell us about your parents and any moral compass who influenced your moral personae?


HibeOnline: what was childhood like growing up

Capn Bawa: Really it was simple, cant remember much because I was Born in Lagos then we Moved to Minna and then to Abuja when I was a little older, and had my secondary school education split between Kwara State and Kaduna State so I can call Myself a Nigeria Baby grew up all over Nigeria.

 Hibe:And do you have siblings?

Captn Bawa: I am the youngest child,I have 2 elder brothers no girls

Hibeonline: I am yet to see anyone from poor or humble in your profession, does it mean it is an elitist profession like Polo which incidentally is another sport you are passionate about?

 Captn Bawa: I have always had a thing for horses and I just happened to love Polo overnight

HibeOnline: Apart from your day job we notice you also run series of businesses how have you been able to manage this considering how exerting Nigeria is even at the best of times?

Captn Bawa: As long as you are focused, and have set priorities there is nothing that will stop you from going on, not to forget mummy’s prayers.

HibeOnline: what are some of the challenges associated with juggling both career and entrepreneur/business simultaneously?

Captn Bawa: well, time is a challenge, I have to do both things, luckily I have a Partner Hassan Ramalan he is my business Partner he handles all our business portfolio while am away and  A VERY RELIABLE TEAM..

HibeOnline: we know you love your luxury perks the vehicles, fashion accessories what informed your interest or love for them?

Captn Bawa: I just love cars, I love the speed and most of all I love to look presentable because you don’t get a second chance to give a first good impression

HibeOnline: considering the state of insecurity in the north and palpable fear, what informed you to site your water bottling plant in Kaduna rather than Abuja ,Lagos etc

Capn Bawa: A host of reasons like one why is everyone focusing business in Abuja and Lagos and leaving the northern states bare and later we will say there is no development, we are waiting for the government to do everything. Secondly labour, demand and environment to expand.

HibeOnline: you speak some Yoruba and French, for a northerner how did you manage to achieve this?

Captn Bawa: Haha point of correction I dont speak French I speak  Hausa, English and Yoruba and little bit of Nupe (Bassa)

HibeOnline: what would you say has been the greatest challenge you have ever been confronted with in life?

Captn Bawa: At the moment I will say the future is a big challenge for me because I feel am moving too fast for my peers.

HibeOnline: what misconception do you get most about yourself, your family that you find hard or frustrating?

Captn Bawa: First of all people say am Hausa, NO point of correction I am KAMBARI!! its pretty annoying when you are called MALLO

HibeOnline: what was the experience of schooling in the Uk like compared to when you relocated back to Nigeria and do you still keep in touch with friends you made then?

Captn Bawa:  The good life, everything is easy and just a phone call away. Human rights but the stringent way traffic violations are dealt with and too many rules and regulations I don’t miss so much…Of course I do miss my friends

HibeOnline: what do you miss about being in Uk now that you are in Nigeria?

Captn Bawa: I am in Dubai now but I miss the good old days,the cold weather and my lovely friends .

HibeOnline: I have always been scared of flying in planes the turbulence and all in fact I tend to get drunk and sleep off. What advice would you give me to overcome this?

Captn Bawa: Believe that whatever is destined to happen, will happen be it on air or on ground. Have faith in God, yourself and always be positive in your thinking.

HibeOnline: how important is family, religion, life, achievements, and patriotism to you and in what order?

Captn Bawa: GOD first then , Family second, Business then fun and leisure.

HibeOnline: if you were not in this career what would you have loved to do?

Captn Bawa: A race car driver maybe NASCAR or FORMULAR 1

HibeOnline: Do you have any striking childhood memories or incidents you can share (embarrassing, funny, serious)

Captn Bawa: I always have flash Backs of the day I lost my Grandmother, I was locked up in the room but I think I knew what was going on we used to live with her and she was my companion.

HibeOnline: considering your 24 carat background and social status how in touch with the average Nigerian are you

 Captn Bawa: I am actually a very social and laid back individual, I am in touch a lot with every social class

HibeOnline: what would you say is the most enduring advice you have ever gotten from both your dad and then your mum.

Captn Bawa: Believe in God, Believe in yourself and be a man of your words.

HibeOnline: Politics in Kaduna is hotting up now especially Governorship which party and Governorship candidate are you supporting?

Ans: HAHA I try my best not to speak politically, it is a matter I know nothing about and my father always advises me if you want to live long Run away from Politics and Traditional Titles.

HibeOnline: I read about and spoke to Jamil’s regarding his accounts/interview concerning a plane crash he was involved in and how he and the co-pilot dealt with it. Have you ever had same experience or similar and how did this incident change you professionally and your general view on life?

Captn Bawa: NO I have not experienced such, fortunately for me I have not flown in Nigeria yet although planning to do so Next year when I relocate, so I have not encountered any airplane accidents or mishaps yet.

HibeOnline: how have you been able to shuttle amongst the different continents where you have interests or work commitments

Captn Bawa:  Never easy trust me, but once you have reposed the interest in whatever venture or endeavour and you have a target in sight, you won’t rest until you achieve it,I think that is my driving goal

HibeOnline: If I don’t ask you this questions many Nigerian ladies will be crossed at me, are you single or in a relationship or married?

Captn Bawa: NO COMMENT

HibeOnline: if you are married care to share who the lucky lady is and tell us a bit about her and kids if any?


HibeOnline: do you have a best friend or confidante?

 Captn Bawa: YES

HibeOnline: your favourite holiday spot in the world

Captn Bawa: NIGERIA there is no place like home

HibeOnline: favourite destination you have flown to and (or ) been to


Hibe: your favourite food both African and continental?

Captn Bawa: Pounded yam, Pizza

HibeOnline: Favourite Nigerian artiste, African and general and songs at the moment?

Captn Bawa: I love Nigerian music but different artistes impress at different times so I don’t have a favourite. I love all of them

HibeOnline: any upcoming projects we should know about?

Cptn Bawa: Yes, a lot of projects in the pipeline, we are trying to invest in the entertainment industry and private charter company

HibeOnline: generally speaking what does the future hold for you?

Cptn Bawa: I see a lot of good things.

HibeOnline: when are we going to have the pleasure of a live interview with you?

Captn Bawa: Anytime I come back to Nigeria, sometime in February

HibeOnline: advice to Nigerian youths reading this interview who want to replicate your achievements

Captn Bawa : Believe in yourself and take risks, every failure is a stepping stone to success .                                          



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