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Meet: Abdi Victor

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We heard of the entrepreneurial exploits regarding the Guest we have on Hibe exclusive this time, even before we knew of his name. What is more surprising is that at only 19yrs of age he is already a business tycoon, he has been able to start and successfully build his own brand and 6 different businesses independently even as a student. He runs a successful exclusive fashion accessories outlet, ensconced within this is a Rolex and Cartier license to sell only authentic products, while running this he also simulteneously operates a record label both as the head and also an Artiste. If you though he had his hands full running these businesses then you are mistaken as he also dabbles into real estate both in Abuja Nigeria and in Accra Ghana and also runs a Photography outfit. He informs us that he is on the verge of berthing his fashion outlet where his Vika brand will be sold exclusively. Wondering how someone his age was able to achieve so much, and how he gets the strength, inspiration and motivation we sought him out and in the interview he answers these questions and even more as regards himself, family and all other issues regarding his person

Please settle down and enjoy this insightful and engaging interview with the youngest entrepreneur we have had on Hibe Exclusive.

HibeOnline: hi there much obliged to you for granting us this interview, considering what your schedule must be like juggling multiple business concerns what have you been up to last couple of days?

Abdi: I just released my latest Track 4 days ago featuring Kuddi and Jaay.. And also I've been advertising the Cartier and Rolex products I have in stock!

HibeOnline: kindly introduce yourself to readers, where you schooled and what you do?

Abdi: my name is Abdi Victor, I am the first and only son of Hon. Victor Patrick, a 19 year old Entrepreneur, I'm from Nassarawa state, Nigeria.But I reside in Abuja and Accra,Ghana. I schooled in Funtaj international school. And then I left for Ghana to continue schooling at the international community college, Accra. 

What I Do : I run/own an Online Boutique, a clothing line, a real estate agency, a Cartier and Rolex sales Joint, a photography company and a record label.

HibeOnline: who or what influenced your business path, considering most people especially those who have had the privilege like you, would have chosen a more private pursuit oil and gas, commodities importing and exporting, manufacturing even Agric derivatives.

 Abdi: I'd say My love for Fashion and the Urge to have a better life and making a lot more money.. 

HibeOnline: you publicly profess so much attachment to your dad, kindly tell us about him and what sort of bond do you share considering most Nigerian dads are not this close to their children?

Abdi: my father is my role model, because he started politics before I was born and I respect that. He is also into so many different businesses and I admire that trait in him which is what actually encourages me to get involved in diverse businesses interests and entrepreneurial pursuits as I have done. He shaped and made me the Man I am today, imparting and putting me through almost everything he knows about business and life! I am his only son and first child so we have to be close..

HibeOnline: How many siblings do you have and are they younger or older and what of your mom?

Abdi: I have 4 sisters and they are all younger than me, my mum is into Youth Leadership training.. She organized leadership programmes such as "The Green Leadership Programme".

HibeOnline: Would you agree with the assertion that being the son of your dad the influence and 24 carat name has helped you, your business even possibly accelerated your entrepreneurial opportunities?

Abdi: Well, My father gave me the capital in which I used to start up in 2011. And after that I've been running my businesses myself, but he gives me advice and all that as I am still a young man.

HibeOnline: A trait  which one seldom finds amongst children of the privileged  is your humility and how laid back you are which is obvious, going by the disclaimer on your IG page that you are not showing off and how you responded to us, what informs this your religion,personality,parental influence?

Abdi: Well. Most people say I'm a show off.. But I really don't show off.. All I try to do is to MOTIVATE other young men out there who want to be successful at a young age like me.I just want to show them that , YES it is possible! And I'm from a Disciplined Christian Home! So that also helps me when it comes to my character and reasoning.

HibeOnline: considering most Nigerians find it difficult to make ends meet on a single income stream, even if we can classify you as a silver spoon what other ventures, businesses are you involved in apart from your involvement in high end buying and selling of time wear and luxury accessories, music?

Abdi: I'm into Real estate, not fully though, but the income in real estate is High. You just have to get the right connections. I rent out short-let furnished apartments and I sell lands in Ghana and few in Abuja! 

HibeOnline: How do you manage and what are the challenges juggling multiple entrepreneur/business simultaneously?

Abdi: one of the challenges is Capital and loyal Clients/customers, because for instance there are more than 15 customers owing me money and sometimes that can affect the business, but you see not everyone can afford to buy a $20,000 dollar watch so you have to give them a chance to pay 60% then 40% later ! To make sales go faster.

HibeOnline: we know you love your luxury perks the vehicles, fashion accessories what informed your interest or love for them your stay abroad, movies?

Abdi: lol.. I dunno mehn .. Back in the days my mother used to but these magazines and there would be Rolex and Cartier watches being displayed and I just fell in love with them

HibeOnline: How did you come by your nickname? Are you planning to copyright it anytime soon?

Abdi: yes, I will copyright it soon! And I came about the name in secondary school.My mates called me Vica ,Vic- from victor and A from Abdi .. But then I changed it to VIKA

HibeOnline: what would you say has been the greatest challenge you have ever been confronted with in life?

Abdi : I really haven't had any challenge in life.. I'd say Im a very fortunate young man.. But I have been through some difficult times financially! 

HibeOnline: how important is family, religion, life, achievements, and patriotism to you and in what order?

Abdi: Family first I love my family. They are very religious and supportive in every aspect! I love my country Nigeria and I pray this year 2015 will be peaceful..

HibeOnline: if you were not an entrepreneur what would you have loved to do?

Abdi: There's nothing better than making money.. So I would have found something to do that would bring me legit money. 

HibeOnline: What other pursuits anything whatsoever do you have a passion for apart from what we know?

Abdi: I want to be a pilot someday, most likely after my degree. 

HibeOnline: considering the few who have the financial capacity to afford your luxury items most times come with massive egos, how do you handle this egos, pride or arrogance from some wealthy and have you got any incidents which stand out ?

Abdi: yes, some rich people are very proud oh.. But I try my best to be humble.. After all what I want is my profit and nothing else .Even if I say "Yes Sir" to my Age mate, I’m still making my money je'je 

HibeOnline: we see all sorts of young men also showing similar luxury items like you do on Ig and other social media, many have said they indulge in all sorts of illegal vices to make money how do you separate yourself from them?

Abdi: I always make sure my sources/suppliers are legit.. Because when I'm known in the future I don't want anyone to bring up my past and say! He got his money from something Negative!

HibeOnline: do you have any striking childhood memories or incidents you can share (embarrassing, funny, serious)

Abdi: I lost my older sister in 2007. She was my elder sister and I loved her so much.. The day she left it was as if half of me was gone

HibeOnline: On a lighter note what would you say separates your own music label from all the others we know?

Abdi: what separates mine is that I and the artists under my label are all about the artistic side of music and not the commercial, we all do music for fun and not for fame or money

HibeOnline: what is the most enduring advice you have ever gotten from both your dad and then your mum.

Abdi: My father said: “The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed, so never underestimate anyone". 

HibeOnline: share with us something previously unknown about you it could be a skill hidden part of you anything whatsoever.

Abdi: I am good at table tennis & basketball but no one really knows because I don't show interest

HibeOnline: are you single or in a relationship? (If in a relationship when should we be expecting wedding bell to ring soon) and who is she

Abdi: I'm single.. I need to concentrate on my Businesses and my education.

HibeOnline: Considering the business you are involved in we know you will have cause to be quite close to a lot of Nigerian artistes, which of them are your closest friends and do you sing or have skills in these areas or maybe you plan on doing a project with them?

Abdi: I'm an artiste myself but because of my businesses I've sold to Nigerian artistes like Ice prince and Dr Sid, and Ghanaian artistes like E.L , DBLACK and others. 

HibeOnline: your favourite holiday spot in the world

Abdi: the Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas 

HibeOnline: your favourite luxury items out of all?

Abdi: Audemars Piguet Royal oak offshore wristwatch.

HibeOnline: favourite destination you have been to or plan to do

Abdi: China .. I just want to See the Great Wall of china with my eyes.

HibeOnline: your favourite dishes?

Abdi: Pounded yam and egusi , Jollof rice and grilled chicken.

HibeOnline: Favourite Nigerian artiste, African and general and songs at the moment?

Abdi: Wizkid is an inspiration and motivation to me

HibeOnline: any upcoming project?

Abdi: yes, I'm designing my new collection from my clothing line , so wait for it.! 

HibeOnline: generally speaking what does the future hold?

Abdi: the Future is bright! A lot of people are sleeping and slacking! We are the future, “Na we get this Nigeria" So just know in the next 10 years I should be contesting for a seat in government, because Nigeria needs change and fresh minds, fresh ideas and projects.

HibeOnline: advice to Nigerian youths reading this interview

Abdi: :  if you have a passion for something, then go for it and don't let anyone discourage you! Never ever do anything illegal because you want fast money! Just be patient and prayerful! And everything would be fine! God Exists.. He brought me to this Level I'm in now !  Stay blessed my people!

-Lord Abdi




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