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I went to school with Jihadi John-Remarkable accounts of former schoolmate

Pic mirror newspaper
Pic mirror newspaper

– James O'Brien on LBC 

Mohammed called James O'Brien to say how shocked he was when Mohammed Emwazi was unmasked as the notorious ISIS murderer yesterday.

And he told about how Emwazi changed as they got older.

He told LBC: "Jihadi John – or Mohammed Emwazi – used to come to St Mary Magdalene. I used to go with him to that primary school, which is located in Warwick Avenue. He was a year older than me.

"I remember his very well. My sister sent me the picture from the front of the Daily Mail and said 'Do you remember this guy? He is the half-Kuwaiti guy who was a good friend of ours back in St Mary Magdalene days.

"I couldn't believe it. When I read further, I read that he had two younger sisters and his dad used to be a taxi driver. I remember him very well.

"I was a year younger than him and he treated me as someone he used to teach.

"His mum was very good friends with my mum. His mum used to sell gold and stuff like that to the local community and I used to go and pick stuff up from the house.

"Three years ago, there was suspicion that Mohammed Emwazi was a terror suspect, so my mum completely left all contact.

"She was just scared about these people, she didn't know who they really are."

Mohammed picked out one memory that said changed the behaviour of his friend.

He said: "We were in the playground and Mohammed was running away from someone. He was just about to get into a fight and he was running away from someone.

"As he was running, another kid tried to block off his path. He had nowhere to go and he basically ran into the goalposts, hit his head and fell to the floor.

"We didn't see him for two weeks after that. He was not the same, ever since that brain injury. He was not the same.

"After secondary school, I never had that much contact with him. He left the year before me. 

"We were two innocent children. I told my mum he was acting a bit weird and she said 'If he's acting a bit weird then stay away from him'."

Mohammed was angry with the human rights group CAGE trying to defend him, adding: "These people are ruining the name of Muslims and what we're a part of."

Culled from: http://www.lbc.co.uk/

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