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Conclusion:Monday Encounter With Madam Lisa

pic Chronicles of African Nubian

Continued from Previous….to read previous check My Encounter With Madam Lisa Part 1 and Part 2..

as Osayu made to stand up Madam Lisa pushed him back and retrieved a condom  from a drawer attached to the small tv cabinet in the room. She tore the wrapper off with her teeth and positioned the rolled condom in her mouth, he was wondering what she was up to now but to his amazement she manoeuvred the condom over the erect dick with her mout,h and rolled it on assisting with her tongue.. Wherever that madam is she deserved a mental bow he though even in introspection, she was in a class different from anyone he has had dalliances with either before or after.

Osayu was seated on the rug resting his back on the single settee he was seated on earlier, they were both still naked, not minding his naked form on her plush expensive leather settee she urged him on the chair and lowered herself on him, her right hand behind her back still holding his erect dick as she positioned it behind her and slowly sat on it her pussy fully submerging the full length and girth, he was still wondering if this woman never got tired but was but determined not to show it now it was about male ego.

In that predictable motion she slowly went up and down slowly as if to test the lubrication and stopped then as he snaked his arms around and grabbed her breasts in both hands playing with the nipples she started up and down again…..ohhhhhh yes yes moaning as she continued sliding up and down, her body glistening with pools of sweat pouring down her, she held and pressed his hands tighter round her breast and nipples now jerking faster and faster at intervals eyes half closed muttering Ahh baby,Awww… she will grab his  laps scratching him with her nails and then mutter all sorts Yes yes …..right there ohhhhshhh.……quickly kissing the hands on her breasts as she continue moving to her rhythm,Osayu thrust upwards quick consistent strokesa low drawn out moan escaped his lips in between gasping..ahhhh…... he will go fast then slow down a bit to meet hers until he perceived her on the verge of climax and he released his hands from her breast grabbing both sides of her waist and pushing in as deep as he could under the constrain he was in until she uttered a little moan Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh yes yes yessssssss awwwwwwww…. then  ceased moving, her chest heaving as she caught her breadth, Osayu could feel her juice dribbling down the latex material of the condom onto his groin.


He finally gently eased her off himself and slid out from underneath as he urged Madam Lisa to take his former place on the seat then spread both her legs hanging on the arms of the settee, the pinkness of her clit staring straight at him in defiance confronting as if daring his manhood,Osayu rising to the challenge and dispensing with  any foreplay he half kneeled and squatted as he slowly slid into her this time a little more gentle….…aww..ouch…she gasped out in pain in spite of her wetness as he slid inside her, nevertheless she grabbed his butt cheeks whispering in his ear…..go faster fuck me hard…. urging him on as he began slamming inside her with all the strength left in him his only concern relieving the painful exertion on his dick for several minutes now.

He thrust into her strokes hard and fast even rough at times which he deduced by her wince of pain,with each thrust she muttered all sorts...stop it babe i like it ….go faster ….yess ..ohhhh yeaa.Osayu was only intent on ejaculating the semen trapped in his dick.Finally after a few minutes he could not describe the feelings and sensations he felt as he finally felt that sensation rushing through his body then finally culminating in a sweet burst as he climaxed….Ohhhhhh as an involuntary moan escaped his lips …gasping…as he convulsed and jerked pushing and digging roughly into her until he was spent  resting on her  both of their chests heaving panting as she planted soft probing kisses all over his cheeks and face. Finally after regaining his breadth he pulled out and removed the spent condom. Without a word she pointed him to a small door in the corner he did not notice before where he proceeded towards, it was a tiny toilet. He did not bother closing the door as he wrapped the spent condom in tissue paper and dropped it in the water closet flushing it and made sure it was gone. She didn’t look it but he decided not to take chances with all those women who use men's semen for all sorts he thought.

As he returned back into the room she was wearing just her shirt nursing a glass of brandy, he instinctively looked at the wall clock and could not believe it was going on five o'clock he had gotten there like past two. As he considered his immediate challenges on how to get home remembering the serious hold up he will encounter he resolved it was time to start heading home.

As she stood up approached and suddenly grabbed him deeply kissing him on the mouth then releasing him and walking into the room she had brought the Vcd's from earlier. Meanwhile Osayu picked up his discarded clothes now almost dry, and documents still in the corner of the single settee where he left it, quickly dressed up folding and putting his tie in his jacket pocket. He considered if madam would ever want to see him again, the default poor man mentality back again as he grabbed a small nylon lying under the coffee table he approached the door where he left his loafers and wrapped the still wet socks in and put on the still wet loafers.
As he looked towards the door madam came back in dressed in a similar coloured suit holding a folded envelope. Before she said anything he tersely told her

Madam I have to be on my way now because of the holdup.. as he smiled half apologetically as if she would somehow be offended

She looked at him smiling…stop calling me madam my name is Elizabeth but my friends call me lisa

Yes M…elizabe…lisa which seemed strange calling a big woman by first name.

She opened herself for a Hug and as he hugged her she playfully nibbled my right ear and whispered " Thanks for the best F**ck in years " as she slipped the envelope stuffing it into his pocket.

He didn't check but just stammered a….thank you Ma elizabeth…. after a last peek outside the rain having ceased a while ago judging by the outside as there was hardly any drizzling just occasional drips of rain droplets from the roof to the floor, he looked back at the mysterious madam elizabeth as she rewarded with a smile.Osayu stepped out into the compound without a backward glance,he did not see the security guard he had been dreading anywhere thankfully, as he quickly hurried outside and stepped out into the darkened street. He walked on the road to get a bus to Ikeja for his connection towards Alakuko, reflecting on the last couple of hours craziness. The crazy hold up confronting him on Allen road did little to dampen the exhilaration and satisfaction he was experiencing, it seemed as though he had gotten the job he had set out for initially as he walked on air…. wait till I tell my friends about this crazy adventure today he thought.

After about 30minutes in the midst of the hold up and the heaving crowd rushing the few available buses going towards his destination at that time of the day he was finally able to squeeze into a bus an hour plus later. Halfway through the journey he was finally able to sit relatively comfortably, as more people dropped on the way and pulled out the crumpled envelope madam Elizabeth or Lisa had stuffed in his pocket.

 It simply read "this was a one off, it will never happen again forget you have ever met me, or know me don't come near this office again thank you for a memorable day"xxx kisses wrapped in another plain paper he could see it was money, his heart leaped for joy at the unexpected boon.Imagine getting paid for something he would have gladly given up the last 500Naira in his pocket for?

Not knowing the kind of people sitting round him in the bus and knowing what his neighbourhood was like, he wisely counselled himself not to count or riffle through raw cash in public. When he finally got home his knees hurting from all the kneeling on the rug waist killing and body aching the joy of 20,000Naira which he had counted now enclosed in the envelope was more than adequate. There was no light as usual, after sorting out the money and  stripping off the clothes, he went outside to fetch some water and had a bath then sent his landlord's daughter to help  get some proper food and two Malta Guinness with a can of peak milk to replenish,adding an extra 700Naira to cover what he was owing before.

Bros, you don overwork today o,only you two Malta Guinness …

He didn't even bother answering the precocious little girl, not so much because of her implied insolence probably because he was too exhausted, besides  she was uncomfortably close to the truth. He smiled and said nothing thinking …if only you knew young girl.

That was in February ending almost a year ago now,he always wondered whatever happened to that lady and have been tempted to pass by the office, even gone as far as the road leading to the office one time before he came to his senses.. he didn't even know her last name but could never forget the woman's body or our 2hours plus rendezvous she was amongst the top five 8 /10


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