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Chibok girls not amongst rescued women-Nigerian Army spokesman

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The Nigerian Army spokesperson has confirmed the women recently rescued in Sambisa forest during efforts to rout remaining pockets of Boko Haram islamic insurgents are not part of the Chibok girls kidnapped in Chibok last year.

According to the Nigeria's army who confirm the rescue of 200 girls and 93 women on Tuesday during a military operation to wrest back the Sambisa Forest in the northeast from the militant group.

"The troops rescued 200 abducted girls and 93 women," Colonel Sani Usman told Reuters in a text message. They were not, however, from Chibok, the village from which more than 200 girls were abducted in April 2014, he said.

"So far, they (the army) have destroyed and cleared Sassa, Tokumbere and two other camps in the general area of Alafa, all within the Sambisa forest."

Diplomats and intelligence officials said they believed at least some of the Chibok girls were being held in the forest about 100 km (60 miles) from Chibok, although U.S. reconnaissance drones failed to find them.

The Army spokesperson confirmed that rescued girls and women will be screened on Wednesday to determine whether they had been abducted or if they were married to the militants.

"Now they are excited about their freedom," he said. "Tomorrow there will be screenings to determine whether they are Boko Haram wives, whether they are from Chibok, how long they have been in the camps, and if they have children."

Some of the girls were injured, and some of the militants killed, he said without giving more details.

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