For those led by an acute sense of curiosity to have made it past initial barrier as it were clicking on any of our links and taking the time to peruse our website, we say a big thank you. Please bear with me as I enunciate and explain each of our segments.

To officially introduce ourselves to our readers and what we stand for hibe-online is a bi-monthly online magazine, although we will endeavour to update regularly the exclusives with be on a monthly basis. We are an objective but in-depth and cerebral portrayal and deconstruction of youth centered contemporary issues,we aim to demonstrate a careful coupling of laid back and and critical approach to a wide range of issues  topics of interest ranging from the mundane to the controversial.

In trying our best to avoid the usual copy and paste journalism which has pervaded, recreating journalistic mediocrity we aim to do things differently by mainly publishing original articles sourced by us for our online magazine.

To take you through the different sections, HIBE EXCLUSIVE segment will have our monthly exclusive feature interviews with African youths and also adults who have distinguished themselves in their area of endeavour including children and wards of politically exposed, eminent personalities, watch out for the exciting interviews we have lined up for you.

REAL POLITIK segment will house opinion articles from a host of in house and outside writers in a wide range of politics based but diverse issues which impact on us.

GLITZ AND GLAMOUR covers all issues related to celebrities which include events coverage and other issues of relevance.

Underneath this is WHISPERS AND GISTS as the name depicts is a segment where we will serve you hot fresh and juicy celebrity gossips so if you don’t want to be out on the loop religiously check this section.

Our SPORTS segment dedicated to sports junkies’ world over, we will discuss sports transfers’ predictions and all surrounding. You won’t be disappointed with our in house sports analyst.

Under HIBE SPECIALS we have SCIENCE AND INNOVATION which will be all about inventions, research basically techie stuffs from world over. We will host some of the most erudite and brilliant minds who will share their knowledge on a wide range of science related stuffs.

HEALTH&WELLNESS will cover all things relating to your body and health, keeping fit losing weight just check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

ODDITIES segment will dredge up odd and wonderful news worldwide and serve it to you hot and fresh.

CHRONICLES OF AFRICAN NUBIAN is the erotic true life inspired exploits of a Nigerian man who has chosen to remain anonymous for obvious reasons when you read his exploits. I have read his first installment and I guarantee you will stay stuck to your devise reading till the cock crows.

ENTREPRENEUR’S LOUNGE deconstructs and espouses all things regarding investment entrepreneurial pursuits in every sector.

SEE SOMETHING is a segment chock full of bants,rants and basically just dedicated to real life day to day mundane to critical issues bothering or affecting you and I and everyone else.

We have some more segments we will be introducing as time goes on so get on this fun ride in order not to miss anything.

If you think you have what it takes to write or contribute content we are open to encouraging and helping young vibrant writers into developing don’t be shy get in touch with us and we will work something’s out.

Thanks for reading guys


#opennass #occupynass

#opennass #occupynass


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