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12Yrs Old Chinese Girl Steals £3m Diamond Necklace

Hong Kong

In this story from the DailyMail online website,they are reporting the theft of a Diamond necklace at a Jewellers by a 12Yrs old.The little girl was working with some adults who distracted the shop staff as she performed the sleight of hand.

Pls see complete story after this cut….

A girl aged around 12 years old is being hunted by police over the theft of a diamond necklace worth £3million from under the noses of staff at a luxury jewellery shop.

The heist – which detectives have described as 'very well planned' – also involved two women and a man, all aged between 30 and 40, who posed as big spenders at the store in Hong Kong.

Well-dressed and speaking Chinese, the adults distracted staff at the Emperor Jewellery shop while the girl stole a key from a drawer, opened a cabinet and slipped the necklace into her pocket, according to police.

The girl was caught on CCTV calmly walking out of the Heritage shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui at around 3.30pm yesterday, the South China Morning Post reported.

Detectives say she may have quickly changed her appearance after leaving the shop before jumping into a taxi to escape.

Shop staff did not notice the 100-carat gold necklace embedded with more than 30 diamonds was missing until shortly before 5pm.

Her adult accomplices remained inside the shopping mall as if nothing had happened.

'Initial investigations suggest the girl stole a key from a drawer and then opened a display cabinet to steal the necklace when the three adults – one man and two women – kept staff busy,' a police source said.

'The necklace was embedded with more than 30 diamonds totalling about 100 carats. We were told it was worth about HK$36 million (£3million).

'The three adults posed as big spenders and demanded employees show them jewellery in an apparent move to divert staff attention.'

The girl is believed to have been wearing pink and white inside the shop, but as she left the mall she was caught on CCTV wearing a grey hooded top, dark jeans and black shoes.

She is around 4ft 7inch, aged between 12 and 14 years old, and police described her as 'slimly built'.

The gang spent more than 30 minutes in the shop, but left without buying anything. 

A search was mounted but no arrests have been made. 

Border officers are looking out for the thieves as police believe they will flee the city.

Culled from Daily mail

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